Protect Internet Privacy in Oregon

May 11, 2017 - Legislation recently passed by Congress and signed into law by President Trump rolls back consumer privacy protections and allows internet service providers to sell our sensitive browsing history without consumer consent. But we have a chance to correct this mistake for Oregonians.

TAKE ACTION: Tell your Oregon legislators to protect internet privacy in our state.

The information that internet service providers (ISPs) collect -- the websites we visit, how long we stay there, location information, time of day -- can reveal intimate details about our lives including our religious practices, our medical issues, and our sexual preferences. This information should not be used, shared, or sold without our express permission. 

For most people, using the internet is a necessity and not a luxury. We need the internet for work, school, to check our bank balance, or order medication. We should not have to choose between privacy and fulfilling our basic needs. In addition, most of us have little choice in which ISP we use, especially rural Oregonians. 

We already pay a hefty price for high-speed internet. Tell your Oregon legislators to stand up to the big business interests that seek to profit off our sensitive information by amending and passing HB 2813 to increase consumer privacy protections.