We are hiring for a Communications & Storytelling Associate position at the ACLU of Oregon!

As of the date of this posting (May 24, 2023), we are seeking to fill one Communications & Storytelling Associate position: 

  • Summary of this position: The team member in this position is an effective storyteller, educator, and communicator, as well as a strong writer, editor, and project manager and coordinator.
  • What this position does: This position supports and enhances the ACLU of Oregon’s mission, vision, and values by designing, coordinating, creating, and implementing social and other digital media, print and other written media, graphic media, video, and other types of multimedia communications strategies, content, and events that are impactful, timely, educational, and persuasive. 
  • What type of content this position creates: The types of communications and storytelling content created, coordinated, refined, and edited by this position include content such as: internet content, blog posts, opinion editorials, press releases, press events and other types of events, membership engagement events and materials, emails, social media graphics and posts, podcasts, videos, talking points, policy summaries, educational materials, magazines, newsletters, and reports. 
  • What is the responsibility level: This position is a mid-level non-management position with the following responsibility level: exercise independent decision-making in executing goals/tasks and manage discrete projects as assigned; generally no supervisory duties but may supervise interns and volunteers.
  • Who this position works with: This position works closely, collaboratively, and supportively with all areas of the ACLU of Oregon, including integrated advocacy, community engagement, development, legal, policy, strategic planning, and administration. This position will also work with our partners and allies.
  • What values are important and required: This position requires strong and continued commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging, anti-racism, anti-misogyny, anti-transphobia, anti-homophobia, anti-ableism, and all other types of anti-oppression, as well as the proven ability to incorporate these values in work both internal and external to our organization.
  • Where to get more information: Please review this job description for more information about this position.
  • Organizational note: The ACLU of Oregon reserves the privilege to make changes to job duties and responsibilities for positions consistent with the values and operational needs of the ACLU of Oregon which may change from time to time.

What are the minimum qualifications for this position?

We are looking for individuals with the following experience:

  • Required: effective storyteller, educator, and communicator; strong writer and editor; and project manager and coordinator. We will consider applicants who can demonstrate the ability to grow their strengths in these areas even though they may not have direct formal education or work experience. 
  • Required: proven significant and continuous prior commitment to and experience with work and efforts - both internal and external to an organization - that align with and further the values of diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging, anti-racism, anti-misogyny, anti-transphobia, anti-homophobia, anti-ableism, and other forms of anti-oppression.
  • Strongly preferred: prior work, volunteer, or lived experience with communities and coalitions doing racial justice work.
  • Strongly preferred: prior work, volunteer, or lived experience in several of the following areas - free speech, racial justice, criminal justice reform, law enforcement accountability, LGBTQ+ rights, and immigrants' and refugees' rights.
  • Preferred: prior work, volunteer, or lived experience related to policy, advocacy, coalition building, and/or organizing work in Oregon.
  • Alternative: or equivalent education and/or experience.

What are the pay & benefits for this position?

This is a salaried, exempt, full-time position. The current annual salary for this position is $64,800.

Because we have established an internal salary system that centers equity, clarity and transparency, competitiveness, and sustainability, salaries for positions are not negotiable.

Our current excellent benefits package includes:

  • paid vacation time
  • paid sick time
  • paid personal time 
  • 14.5 paid holidays per year
  • team wellness rest days
  • office shutdown periods during summer and winter if and when consistent with the organization’s values and work needs
  • flex-time Friday hours, consistent with operational needs
  • remote work stipend and commute related reimbursements
  • health insurance (medical/vision and dental)
  • life insurance
  • long-term disability insurance
  • employer contributions to a wellness FSA account
  • 401(k) retirement plan with matching and other contributions of up to 5.5% of salary, subject to the organization’s 401(k) plan requirements, which include a vesting schedule’
  • support for work related coaching or therapy
  • parental leave
  • funds to support professional development related to work
  • funds to support relationship and connection building related to work

Please note that all employment-related pay and benefits provided to ACLU of Oregon’s employees are subject to all applicable policies, practices, processes, and legal requirements, including changes to them that may occur from time to time.

How do I apply for this position?

An application package requires the following three parts:

  1. Cover letter. Please include why you are interested in the ACLU of Oregon, including the organizational values and issue areas that most call to you.
  1. Resume.
  1. Work samples. Please provide at least three work  samples (professional or personal) that showcase your content creation work. Examples are: graphic design, event promotion, social media post, email copy, website content, slide deck, one-pager, etc. Please explain your role and the process and strategy in creating the items.

Please submit your materials via this application submission form.

Who to contact for assistance?

Please contact hr@aclu-or.org if you need any assistance accessing the job posting or job application or need disability-related accommodations.