Legal Associate position at the ACLU of Oregon (*not a lawyer position)

As of the date of this posting (June 10, 2024), we are seeking to fill one Legal Associate position.

This position is not a lawyer and does not require a law degree.

I. Summary of this position

This is a generalist position supporting our Legal Team. This position has the responsibilities of an organizer, an investigator, and a paralegal/legal assistant. 

The team member in this position is:

  • a strong project developer, implementer, and manager;
  • a skillful organizer and relationship builder, 
  • a capable interviewer and information gatherer; and
  • a clear communicator and strong writer and editor who is detail- and deadline-oriented, self-motivated, proactive, and supportive of colleagues and team projects.

The following are examples of the types of responsibilities, projects, and tasks this position will likely engage in:

  • Develop, implement, and manage a system of identifying, developing, and tracking relationships with attorneys across Oregon, where there may be potential for cooperation, partnership, or other type of working relationship with the ACLU of Oregon.
  • Develop, implement, and manage a system of identifying, developing, and tracking relationships with federal, state, and local agency contacts, where there may be potential for cooperation, partnership, or another type of working relationship with the ACLU of Oregon.
  • Conduct fact gathering and information management for potential legal matters across Oregon, which may involve but is not limited to: identifying and talking to people impacted by or witness to governmental harms; gathering relevant documentary evidence of systemic/patterns of harm; managing public records requests with government agencies; identifying and reviewing other relevant research or information; and organizing and summarizing the gathered information in a form that is accessible to and usable by the Legal Team.
  • Support the development, implementation, and management of trainings and workshops in ACLU of Oregon issue areas, including “know your rights” type trainings. These trainings may be virtual, in-person, and in locations across the state of Oregon. 
  • Track ACLU of Oregon legal work, lead the drafting of newsletters and other informative and educational materials about our legal work, and support the Legal Team’s communications & storytelling work in other ways.
  • Provide an array of administrative support for the Legal Team, which may involve but is not limited to: developing, implementing, managing, and upkeeping legal systems, files, records, and calendars; developing agendas and taking minutes for legal meetings; identifying and pulling up case law as requested; proofing legal documents, formatting them to be consistent with court rules, and submitting them to courts; helping develop and implement internal and external meetings; helping make travel arrangements; and supporting mail pick-up, sorting, and distribution.
  • These are examples of job responsibilities and not an exhaustive list.

Who this position works with: This position is part of our Legal Team and works closely, collaboratively, and supportively with all areas of the ACLU of Oregon.

What values are important and required: This position requires a strong and continued commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging, anti-racism, anti-misogyny, anti-transphobia, anti-homophobia, anti-ableism, and all other types of anti-oppression, as well as the proven ability to incorporate these values in work both internal and external to our organization.

Where to get more information: Please review this job description for more information about this position.

Organizational note: The ACLU of Oregon reserves the right to make changes to job duties and responsibilities for positions, consistent with the values and operational needs of the ACLU of Oregon, which may change from time to time.

II. Qualifications for this position

We are looking for individuals with the following experience, abilities, and values:

  • Position-specific work experience: this position requires prior educational and/or work experience that demonstrates abilities in the following areas:
  1. strong project development, implementation, and management;
  2. skillful organizing and relationship building; 
  3. capable interviewing and information gathering;
  4. clear communication; strong writing and editing; detail- and deadline-orientation; self-motivation, initiative, and proactiveness; and supportive of colleagues and team projects.
  • The following types of prior work experience are strongly preferred: 1+ years of prior experience as a paralegal/legal associate, organizer, and/or investigator.
  • Equity & inclusion values and experience: the following is required – proven significant and continuous prior commitment to and experience with the values of diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging, anti-racism, anti-misogyny, anti-transphobia, anti-homophobia, anti-ableism, and other forms of anti-oppression.
  • Prior experience in ACLU of Oregon issue areas: the following is strongly preferred – prior experience in several of the following areas: racial justice, criminal system reform, law enforcement accountability, and immigrant and refugee rights.
  • Values: the following is required – a demonstrated ability to support the goals, priorities, and values of the ACLU of Oregon, including the following values related to building work-related relationships and trust:

    Sincerity: the assessment that you are honest, that you say what you mean and mean what you say. The idea that you can be believed and taken seriously and that your actions are aligned with your words.

    Reliability: the assessment that you meet the commitments you make, and that you keep your promises.

    Competence: the assessment you have the ability to do what you’re doing or propose to do. Note that being competent does not mean being perfect. Part of doing something well is knowing what you don’t know how to do, being willing to learn, and asking for help when you need it.

    Care: the assessment you have the other person’s interest in mind as well as your own when you make decisions and take actions.
  • Licenses: The ability to become licensed as a private investigator is required, to the extent such licensing is required to carry out the responsibilities of this position, and the ability to obtain a driver's license is strongly preferred.
  • Equivalent education and/or experience: We will consider applicants who can demonstrate non-traditional work-related experiences comparable to more direct forms of work experience or education. 

III. Pay & benefits

This is a regular, full-time, exempt position with employer-provided benefits. The salary for this position is $73,008.

Because we have established an internal salary system that centers equity, clarity and transparency, competitiveness, and sustainability, salaries for positions are not negotiable.

Our current excellent benefits package includes:

  • paid vacation time
  • paid sick time
  • paid personal time
  • 14.5 paid holidays per year
  • office shutdown periods during summer and winter as consistent with the organization’s values and work needs
  • flexible Friday hours, consistent with operational needs
  • remote work stipend and commute-related benefits
  • health insurance (medical/vision and dental)
  • life insurance
  • long-term disability insurance
  • employer contributions to a wellness FSA account
  • 401(k) retirement plan with matching and other contributions of up to 5.5% of salary, subject to the organization’s 401(k) plan requirements, which include a vesting schedule
  • support for work-related coaching
  • parental leave
  • funds to support professional development related to work
  • funds to support relationship- and connection-building related to work

Please note that all employment-related pay and benefits provided to ACLU of Oregon’s employees are subject to all applicable policies, practices, processes, and legal requirements, including changes to them that may occur from time to time.

IV. How to apply

An application package requires the following three parts: 

1.   Cover letter. Please include why you are interested in the Legal Associate position and the ACLU of Oregon and the organizational values and issue areas that most call to you.

2.   Resume.

3.   Work samples. Please provide at least two work samples showcasing skills and abilities that you believe are relevant and important to the skills and abilities required for this position.

Please submit your materials via this application submission form.

V. Who to contact for assistance

Please contact if you need any assistance accessing the job posting or job application or need disability-related accommodations.