Due to possible policy changes under the Trump administration, we recommend that transgender and gender non-conforming people consider getting their identity documents in order before Inaugration Day 2017. And, we can help! Over 90 volunteer lawyers took our free training and are ready to help Oregonians throuh the process free of charge. (There are some court and filing fees associated, but the legal help is free.)

Attorneys can assist transgender and gender non-conforming people with:

  • passport
  • social security card
  • military ID
  • state issued ID - including driver’s licenses
  • birth certificates
  • court orders for name and gender marker changes. 

To be matched with a volunteer attorney: Please email us at info@aclu-or.org with the subject line, "Gender and Name Change Assistance."

If you are a lawyer who is interested in the ACLU of Oregon name and gender change training, please click here to download the recorded CLE session.