Reporting police misconduct is an important step that can lead to better police accountability.

To file a complaint, use the links below.

If your law enforcement agency is not listed or has little information you may:

• Download and submit a Complaint Form with the Department of Public Safety Standards and Training, a statewide program that develops and regulates professional standards for law enforcement.

• Contact the local law enforcement agency directly and ask to speak with a supervisor. The supervisor should be able to answer your questions and assist you with filing a complaint.


Harney County Sheriff Burns Police
Sheriff David Ward
485 N. Court Ave., #6
Burns, Oregon 97720
(541) 573-6156
Chief Newt Skunkcap
242 S. Broadway Ave.
Burns, OR 97720
(541) 573-6781 No info provided

*This information is not intended as legal advice. If you find that any of this information has changed or is no longer up-to-date, email us. Last updated in August 2017.