We support SB 861, which would provide Oregonians with a postage-paid return envelope with ballots for each election held in the state. While some states are trying to make it harder to vote, Oregon has been a leader in honoring the right to vote by increasing access to the ballot. Most importantly, Oregon was the first state in the country to implement vote-by-mail for all elections. Since then, Oregon continues to lead efforts in voter accessibility through automatic voting registration.

To continue our commitment to voting rights and democratic elections, Oregon should pass SB 861. While some counties enjoy the accessibility of a nearby ballot drop box, the majority of rural Oregonians have to commute a significant distance to reach their drop box site. For people struggling to get by, working multiple jobs, and trying to put food on the table for their families, finding time and money to buy postage or travel to a ballot drop box can decrease these individuals’ likelihood to vote.


Chief Sponsors: Senator Dembrow, Manning Jr, Representative Nosse, Keny-Guyer, Rayfield; Regular Sponsors Senator Beyer, Burdick, Fagan, Frederick, Gelser, Monnes Anderson, Prozanski, Roblan, Taylor, Wagner, Representative Barker, Bynum, Clem, Doherty, D


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