SB 370 is crucial for protecting the rights of Oregon employees and providing guidance to employers when Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) comes knocking on their door.

Under federal law, employers must keep record of all 1-9 forms, a federal employment verification form, for current employees, and for a period of at least three years for former employees. ICE can begin an inspection process at any time but must provide employers with at least three business days’ notice prior to beginning an inspection process of all 1-9 forms.

SB 370 establishes a uniform process that gives clear guidance to all employers on how to handle an 1-9 audit. This includes the requirement that employers notify employees of an upcoming I-9 inspection, including notification in Oregon’s top five non-English languages, ensuring that employees will know when their information is being reviewed by a federal agency.


Senate Judiciary Committee


Signed by governor



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