HB 3512, sponsored by almost all of the House Republicans, would have prohibited a woman from obtaining an abortion after 20 weeks except in limited circumstances. Banning abortions starting at 20 weeks – which is a pre-viability stage of pregnancy – directly contradicts longstanding U.S. Supreme Court precedent.

In the context of viability, the U.S. Supreme Court has declared that state legislatures cannot declare a single factor (such as weeks of gestation or fetal weight) as the sole determinant of when the state acquires a compelling interest in the life or health of a fetus.

HB 3512 is part of a nationwide effort by the anti-abortion movement. Unfortunately, with a 30-30 House, HB 3512 received a hearing in the House Judiciary, but it was only an “informational” hearing with invited testimony from proponents and opponents. The ACLU submitted written testimony raising the constitutional flaws with HB 3512. The bill died in Committee.