The Oregon Equity Investment Fund restores community resiliency by investing ongoing funds in communities disproportionately impacted by over policing and cannabis criminalization. 

Mass incarceration and the war on drugs  — including the incarceration of people of color for marijuana crimes before marijuana was legalized — has contributed to the ever-widening racial wealth gap for Black, Indigenous, and Latinx communities. 

With SB 1579, the Oregon Legislature has the opportunity to address some of the harms caused by mass incarceration and the war on drugs by creating the Equity Investment Fund. The Equity Investment Fund will invest ongoing funds in culturally-specific programs and organizations doing work to increase home and land ownership, workforce development, and entrepreneurship growth for Black, Indigenous, and Latinx communities. The ultimate goal of SB 1579 is to help create greater community resiliency of historically-disenfranchised and harmed communities which will strengthen Oregon as a whole.



Bill number

SB 1579