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  1. WATCH NOW: Protests & Police Accountability in Portland

    June 21, 2021News updateCriminal Justice, Free Speech, Police Practices, Racial Justice
  2. Take Action: What you can do right now to advance legislation in Salem

    May 18, 2021News updateImmigrants' Rights, Criminal Justice, Police Practices, Racial Justice
  3. ACLU of Oregon's Statement about Rittenhouse Verdict

    November 19, 2021News update
  4. The True Measure of Justice for Ahmaud Arbery Goes Beyond the Courtroom

    November 24, 2021News update
  5. Kyle Rittenhouse Didn’t Act Alone: Law Enforcement Must Be Held Accountable

    November 19, 2021News update
  6. School is For Learning — Including Learning About Race and Gender

    November 19, 2021News update
  7. Livestreaming Police is a Critical First Amendment Right

    November 22, 2021News update
  8. Your Mini Guide to Discussing Abortion Rights at the Dinner Table

    November 23, 2021News update
  9. We Won't Surrender Our Beloved City to People for Portland's Bleak Vision

    December 2, 2021News update
  10. ACLU of Oregon Team Update

    December 13, 2021News update