The ACLU is fighting for the freedom to marry nationwide - in the courts and at the ballot box. Our position is simple: we believe that same-sex couples, like everyone else, should have the freedom to build the kinds of personal, intimate relationships most meaningful to them without risking that their families will be disregarded or harmed by the state.

With the full strength of the national ACLU, and over 500,000 members and supporters nationwide, the ACLU of Oregon is proud to partner with the Oregon United for Marriage campaign. Together, we will make Oregon a place where LGBT people are free to be themselves and their relationships and families are respected and treated fairly.

We have an unprecedented opportunity to achieve the freedom to marry for same-sex couples in Oregon – and we want you to get involved! Host a house party to win the freedom to marry in Oregon.

House parties and social gatherings are critical pieces on the path to victory. They raise crucial resources, identify new volunteers, and allow us to have important conversations about why we need to expand the freedom to marry to include all Oregonians next November.

Your house party can be as intimate or extravagant as you would like to make it. Are you ready to be a part of civil rights history? Sign up today, and we will contact you to get your party scheduled and send a planning kit to you right away.