Student Know Your Rights

It is vital to a safe learning environment that students and educators retain their rights at school. To make this real, we must fight discriminatory policies and practices in schools.

Allie, ACLU of Oregon Communications intern and high school student is popping in twice each week in the months of September and October on Instagram to empower fellow public school students in Oregon with knowledge about their rights!

Check out the social media campaign and other related resources below!


Instagram Campaign for Oregon Student Know Your Rights

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Our communications intern, Allie is recapping important know your rights info for students through the months of September and October. Check back there regularly for new posts and topics!


ACLU National Know Your Rights

For a deeper dive, check out ACLU National's student know your rights guide!

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Right to Learn: Your Guide to Combatting Classroom Censorship

Here is a comprehensive ACLU toolkit to help you fight against censorship in your schools and communities.

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These resources are designed for further understanding of who passes laws that affect your education and how you can take action to protect your right to learn. Explore to learn more about how you can reach out and get your demands heard.

Checkout this Toolkit!

Resources for LGBTQ+ Youth

(for students)

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Student Organizing Resources

Check out these resources from the Ruckus Society for student activism!

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Book Censorship

In honor of Banned Books Week, take a look at these resources around book censorship in schools! 

Banned Books Week Website 

ACLU National Guide to Building a Banned Book Club

Statement from the Oregon Library Association and the Oregon Intellectual Freedom Committee on Medford SD book ban  

Reach out to ACLU Oregon if you feel like your rights and civil liberties have been impeded on due to a book removal in your school district: