Equal Rights for All

Abortion, contraception, and IVF. Transgender rights. Marriage equality.
We’ve experienced the attacks on these basic freedoms throughout the country from extremist politicians and judges. Now it is time for Oregonians to take action and protect our loves ones, our communities, and ourselves for generations to come. 

The Equal Rights for All campaign is a ballot initiative for the November 2026 election, asking voters to update Oregon’s constitution to clarify that everyone has equal rights to make private and personal decisions about health care and marriage, regardless of one’s ability to become pregnant, gender identity, or sexual orientation. By protecting Oregonians’ ability to make our own, private healthcare decisions and marry who we love, we can stop politicians who want to turn back the clock on our rights and freedoms. 

Join us and sign up to volunteer!

Oregonians want a future where we can continue to make our own healthcare decisions with the help of our doctors, love who we love, and live safely and authentically. We can all agree that politicians have no place in our deeply personal decisions.

We need your generous support to set a solid and successful foundation. Your early contributions and commitments to this fight will go a long way toward setting our campaign up for victory in 2026.

Please click on the link below to go to the Equal Rights for All campaign donation page; please note, the Equal Rights for All campaign is a separate legal organization from the ACLU of Oregon.