Please note that the ACLU is neither a government agency nor a general legal services organization, and we do not provide emergency services. The ACLU of Oregon receives thousands of complaints about civil rights violations each year. We record every submission we receive and use the data to identify systemic issues impacting Oregonians. However, it is very rare that we take legal action on individual complaints submitted through this page. This does not mean your complaint is without merit or that we do not see the injustices that you and your communities are experiencing. 

The ACLU of Oregon especially encourages people who are incarcerated and public school students to send us your complaints as we are able to more actively respond to these complaints with targeted resources to empower you to advocate for your rights.

As you submit, please keep in mind — 

  • Your complaint must be about a violation of civil liberties or civil rights that occurred in Oregon. If it did not, you can use the national directory of ACLU offices to contact the office for the state where the violation occurred.

  • Submitting a complaint form does not guarantee a response and does not mean the ACLU-OR has agreed to provide legal assistance. Additionally, if you are facing an upcoming court date or similar deadline, you should continue to seek legal assistance.

  • The ACLU of Oregon maintains the confidentiality of all information we receive. We will always seek your permission before we share any information with other legal organizations while reviewing complaints.

  • Please only submit one complaint per person, and we will contact you if we need further information.

If you would like to submit a complaint about a civil rights or civil liberties violation in Oregon but have difficulty accessing our online Complaint Submission form below, you may send your complaint to: 

ACLU of Oregon Intake
PO Box 40584
Portland, OR 97240

**If you or your loved one are incarcerated, please send your letter “Attention: Prison/Jail Intake."