Police Practices

Police have the vital and difficult job of protecting public safety. Performing this job effectively does not require sacrificing civil liberties or civil rights. All Oregon police agencies, from the state patrol to city police forces, need to respect the rights of individuals while enforcing the law.

Prisoners' Rights

Incarcerated individuals' constitutional rights stress that those who are incarcerated should be protected from inhumane treatment and be treated fairly.

Privacy & Technology

Privacy and technology constitutional rights protect us from unwarranted government spying.

Racial Justice

The ACLU works to stop discrimination based on race and ethnicity and to ensure equal opportunities for communities of color. We fight racial bias and advance civil rights.

Religious Liberty

The ACLU of Oregon strives to safeguard the First Amendment’s guarantee of religious liberty by ensuring that laws and governmental practices neither promote religion nor interfere with its free exercise.

Reproductive Justice

The ACLU of Oregon works to ensure equal access to comprehensive, quality, affordable and confidential reproductive health, where personal decisions about sexual activity and child-bearing are informed, respected, supported and attainable.