Our recap of victories, champions, and what’s left on the table

The State of Oregon's 2021 legislative session wrapped in late June. The session presented opportunities for our ACLU of Oregon community to truly center our values – to enact the impactful changes needed to build a safe, thriving, and equitable Oregon, an Oregon that centers on justice, care, and community.

At the end of the session, we took a moment to take a deep breath and reflect. I appreciated this timing for reflection as it coincided with me having led the ACLU of Oregon as Executive Director for six months. We decided to share our reflections with you in a report. In this report, we remember the incredible challenges we faced this year, celebrate the victories we achieved together, and underscore the important unfinished business that remains.

A reflection that I continue to circle back to is the people power and strength we have as a community. As a supporter of our work, thank you for staying engaged throughout the session by following the progress of bills, advocating for our values to your legislators, and taking action.

he victories won this session wouldn't have been possible without the leadership, collaboration, and partnership of our coalition partners and allies and the support of community leaders and partners like you. I would also like to share my deep appreciation for all the leaders in our state who stood up to support our most marginalized communities – especially the Black, Indigenous, and Women of Color leaders at the capitol and in our communities who brought their and their communities' lived experiences in powerful ways.

I invite you to read our comprehensive report on the legislative session to see what our collective power accomplished. As you read I hope you celebrate the progress and feel inspired by our community's hard work. I also hope you get motivated to stay engaged as, together, we recharge and then continue the hard but beautiful work of creating an Oregon that centers on justice, care, and community.

I am so grateful for all of you and the beloved community that we are creating here at the ACLU of Oregon.

In partnership and appreciation,