We Quizzed ACLU Experts on Voting Rights. Can You Beat Them?

We asked ACLU attorneys about some of the most important moments, terms, and laws pertaining to voting rights. Watch their rapid-fire answers and test your own knowledge.

Voting is the cornerstone of our democracy and the right that empowers us to enact change and hold elected officials accountable. It is also key to achieving systemic equality, particularly given our country’s long history of limiting access to the ballot for communities of color, especially Black voters, which persists today. Discriminatory policies and legislation continue to prevent voters of color from exercising this right easily, if at all.

As another presidential election year draws near, the ACLU continues to protect the right to vote and push back against attempts to suppress our voices at the ballot box. The ACLU voting rights team is working to expand and protect voting rights around the country. So we decided to put their expertise to the test with some rapid-fire voting rights questions. Watch their answers below, or take a shot at answering some of the questions yourself.

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