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October 26, 2017

Today, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) responded to Representatives Suzanne Bonamici and Earl Blumenhaur repeated questions about ICE policy and practices following two disturbing Oregon incidents caught on video by bystanders. The following response can be attributed to Mat dos Santos, ACLU of Oregon legal director:

"Even when ICE agents are repeatedly caught on video violating the Constitution, this agency stills tries to deny it and make excuses for this unprofessional and illegal behavior. What the public saw in the videos was alarming enough, but the agency’s response is even more alarming. It suggests that they are not prepared to do anything differently or take accountability for these violations. They have not even apologized to Mr. Andrade-Tafolla and his wife for unfairly profiling, detaining, and questioning them over a month ago.

It is terrifying that an agency that is meant to uphold the law is consistently breaking it. There isn’t a single thing in ICE’s response that instills faith in their ability to follow the law moving forward.

The public has been rightfully shocked at the behaviors and tactics of federal immigration officers in Oregon revealed in these bystander videos. People cannot even believe they are real federal agents. And to think, this is only what has been caught on video.

People in Oregon have the right to film law enforcement doing their jobs in public, including ICE agents. While our legal observer’s video does not capture the beginning of the encounter, Mr. Andrade-Tafolla and his wife have both stated that the agents never identified themselves."

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