Media Contact

Sarah Armstrong,

November 14, 2018
Statement from the ACLU of Oregon, CAIR Oregon, the Portland NLG, the Oregon Justice Resource Center, and the Western States Center about the Portland City Council's rejection of the proposed protest ordinance.
"Today's Council decision to reject the ordinance is a call to action for community leaders and civil rights advocates to work with City leadership to build effective and constitutionally sound solutions to counter bigotry, political violence, and threats to democracy in Portland. We agree with the Mayor that violence in our streets is a problem needing urgent action - we just don't agree that the ordinance he proposed would have worked. We advocate for an alternative approach. Effectively addressing the rise of the alt-right in our city will require nuanced and varied strategies. We look forward to working with City and community leaders on a path forward: this threat is far too significant for those who want to combat it to stay divided."