Two illustrated protestors hold signs saying 'My body + right!' and 'All genders need abortions.' Text reads: Stay in the loop with our community reproductive justice hub: resources, information, action. 

The Supreme Court has overturned Roe v. Wade, and taken away our federal constitutional right to abortion.

Abortion is still legal and safe in Oregon, but
we must use this moment to organize and get ready for the work ahead.

Read our joint statement with Planned Parenthood Advocates of Oregon, Pro-Choice Oregon, and Forward Together Action:
Leading Pro-Choice Organizations Call for Continued Vigilance, Advocacy for Abortion Justice


2. GIVE (if you're able)

If you have resources to share, please consider donating to organizations building reproductive health advocacy power and/or to your local abortion fund.  

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One important way, among the many in our community toolbox, to make our voices heard: VOTE. Unsure if you're registered? Want to check on your ballot status? 

A man wears an "I Voted" stick with the American flag hanging in the background. Image tinted blue and pink.

Election day is coming up on May 17.

OREGON SECRETARY OF STATE WEBSITE Register to vote, check if you're registered, track the status of your ballot, and more. 

Vote like your rights depend on it.


Abortion is still safe and legal in Oregon.

Activists wearing \"Bans off our bodies\" shirt and throwing fists in the air

If you have an appointment, keep it.

Find an abortion appointment

Access abortion funds