Our New 4/20 Merch and Ongoing Fight for Legalization

Check out our new 4/20 products designed to inform, inspire, and mobilize in the fight for marijuana legalization.

Kia Winter, she/her/hers, Head of Store, ACLU

Johanna Silver, she/her/hers, Digital Producer, ACLU

For decades, the ACLU has fought against the war on drugs. The criminalization of cannabis has led to far too many unjust incarcerations, which waste critical resources and billions of dollars. According to numbers from our 2020 report, it also disproportionately affects Black Americans, who continue to be almost four times more likely to be arrested for marijuana possession than a white person, despite equal reported use rates.

We’re fighting for not only the legalization of marijuana, but also for the repair of decades of past damage. Even as marijuana becomes legal or decriminalized in more states, rampant racial disparities still remain and thousands of people are still behind bars for innocuous cannabis charges. A more just system isn’t possible until all people incarcerated for marijuana are released and criminal records for these offenses are expunged.

This is why we celebrate 4/20 every year: to bring renewed attention to the fight for cannabis justice. With our new dope tees, trays, blankets and posters, we invite people to join in our fight to legalize marijuana and repair the harms of the war on drugs. This year’s products take on a retro aesthetic to honor everything 4/20. They feature groovy waves, earth tones, interesting facts and — everyone’s favorite mascot Torchy.

Check out the list of merch below, and be sure to return to our shop regularly during April, and tune in on our social media channels–we’ll be celebrating 4/20 all month long with exclusive deals!

A Super Soft, Conversation-Starting Tee

Price: $30

From the gym to the farmer’s market, you’ll want to wear this ultra soft, 100% cotton tee everywhere. The perfect conversation starter, we even included an important message on the bottom.

Dope Decorative Art for Your Space

Price: $12

Thinking about a Spring decor refresh? Look no further! Our 11”x14” Legalize and Repair Poster is the perfect size and perfect conversation starter.

A Handy Tray Calling for Cannabis Justice

Price: $20

The travel friendly Legalize and Repair tray has endless uses: from a jewelry catchall to a flat work surface for your hobbies.

A Grinder Perfect for Your Own Personal Blend

Price: $25

Our aluminum grinder is sturdy enough to grind even the dankest of herbs and spices. Cinnamon and nutmeg have met their match in our 4-piece grinder.

Snuggle Up With Your Favorite ACLU Mascot

Price: $115

Picnics will never be the same once the Torchy Woven Blanket is in your life. This blanket can also double as a tapestry for your home. Made of a thick, woven fabric, each blanket is custom made just for you.

A Cozy Crewneck Featuring Torchy in Action

Price: $66

With a unisex fit and an unbelievably comfy feel, the Legalize and Repair Crewneck is the perfect wardrobe addition. Pro tip: dress it up with a layered turtleneck.

A Retro Lunchbox for the Munchies

Price: $28

Keep your munchies close in our retro-style lunchbox featuring Torchy like you’ve never seen Torchy before. Feeling adventurous? Attach a bag strap to the handles and wear it as a crossbody bag (it’s called fashion).

A Small Matchbox With a Blazing Message

Price: $4.20

Spark up a conversation with our limited edition Torchy matches. Perfect for the candle connoisseur in your life (be sure to shop bright and early on 4/20–these matches will be free for the first 420 orders!)