2023 Legislative Session Hub

Our state's path towards racial justice, civil rights and civil liberties will be shaped in Oregon's 2023 legislative session — from January 17 to June 25, 2023. 


Here is the ACLU of Oregon's policy agenda for the 2023 session:

In Defense of Humanity

Reproductive Health and Access to Care

The Opportunity to Serve

Guaranteeing the Right to Vote

In Defense of Humanity

In Defense of Humanity

No one in Oregon should face criminal charges without access to legal support. This is a fundamental constitutional right that deeply impacts fairness in the criminal legal system. Hundreds of Oregonians are currently in limbo, many in custody, simply because they can’t afford an attorney.

When justice is delayed, it hurts everyone involved, including victims and survivors. Together, we can create more justice in our criminal legal system and provide quality legal representation for all who need it.


Reproductive Health and Access to Care

Reproductive Health and Access to Care

No one should be forced to carry a pregnancy against their will and face the life-altering consequences of being denied essential health care. While Oregon has broad legal protections of abortion and gender-affirming care, we have more work to do to ensure safe, equitable and continuing protections and access across our state.

Our rights are under attack and we must fight back together.

Your story is important, and sharing it is one form of advocacy. 

The Opportunity to Serve

The Opportunity to Serve

Our democracy works best when our elected officials reflect the values and lived experiences of our diverse communities. By raising legislator pay, we can ensure our elected officials truly reflect the people and communities they serve.

Guaranteeing the Right to Vote

Restoration of Voting Rights

All Oregonians deserve a voice in our elections. Our lives are directly impacted by election outcomes. Incarcerated individuals are members of our communities, too. Restoring voting rights to incarcerated people will strengthen our democracy and align with Oregon’s rich tradition of making voting as inclusive and accessible as possible.

Our democracy works best when all our voices shape it. 

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2023 Policy Agenda _ ACLU Oregon

We strive to center our work on the individuals and communities in Oregon who are the most marginalized and impacted by the systemic inequities of racism, xenophobia, misogyny, ableism, transphobia, homophobia, socioeconomic injustice and other types of oppression.

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Voting Rights Video Playlist

Learn more about your civil right to vote — then take action

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Voting is a Civil Right

Watch this video by Oregon Justice Resource Center to learn more about our civil right to vote. 

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Dig Deeper and Take Action

In Defense of Humanity

Visit the coalition site, sign the petition, and more!

Support human-centered public defense this legislative session! Our coalition is called In Defense of Humanity

Reproductive Health and Access to Care

Sign the petition or share your story.

Support Reproductive Health and Access to Care this legislative session!

Learn more about the body autonomy movement and the fight for abortion rights and gender-affirming healthcare. 

Guaranteeing the Right to Vote

Join the fight for voting rights!

Support Guaranteeing the Right to Vote in the 2023 legislative session

Visit the campaign site for upcoming events and to get involved!

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