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To learn more about how the session played out, please read our 2024 LEGISLATIVE SESSION REPORT. 

The State of Oregon's 2024 Legislative Session runs from February 5 — March 10. During the short session, lawmakers will spend six weeks in Salem, advocating for or against policy proposals that can have deep and life changing implications on Oregon communities.

Dive into the ACLU of Oregon's 2024 Legislative Session Hub — you will find our policy agenda, updates on important bills, and (if you scroll to the bottom) ways to get engaged and take action. We will be updating this page all session long, so make sure to check back regularly. 

See you in the Legislature! 

Oregonians Deserve Real Solutions

We all have deep frustrations and concerns about the homelessness, drug addiction, and mental health crises in Oregon and across the nation. We must choose real solutions, not scare tactics.

The data is clear: We cannot arrest our way out of homelessness, drug use, or poverty. Access to drug treatment, services, and housing are the solutions we need — not more police, jails, and prisons. Oregonians want effective policies; let’s work together to make this happen.

The ACLU urges lawmakers to support evidence-based solutions that prevent crime by addressing the root causes, like affordable housing, mental health and addiction services, and economic growth, including: 

  • Increasing addiction treatment with recovery housing
  • Increasing affordable housing and reducing poverty
  • Creating more safe and accessible shelters and temporary housing options to help homeless people into short-term housing
  • Creating work programs for trash clean-up and neighborhood revitalization efforts
  • Sending crisis counselors, instead of police, to respond to 911 calls about people having mental health or addiction crises

Read our ACLU of Oregon testimony submitted on February 7, 2024!

PDF icon HB4002_Testimony_ACLUofOR_2.7.24.pdf
PDF icon HB4002_Testimony_ACLUofOR_2.7.24.pdf

Find more information about defending Measure 110 here: Solutions for Safe and Just communities hub 

Freedom to Read Header

An educated citizenry and effective democracy require a society in which ideas are openly disseminated, discussed and debated. Our youth have the right to access information and make up their own minds.

Efforts to ban books on discriminatory grounds have rapidly spread across Oregon in the past few years. In 2022, Oregon faced the most challenges to school and library books in state history. Consistent with national trends, the books being challenged in Oregon are often by or about the LGBTQ2SIA+ community, women and people of color. Book bans and classroom censorship efforts work to erase the history and lived experiences of marginalized groups by silencing discussions of race, gender and sexuality that impact people’s daily lives.

Although existing laws require an inclusive selection of instructional materials and generally prohibit discrimination in education, no current law explicitly prohibits the censorship of materials based on the protected identities involved in the material’s content or creation.

SB 1583 would prevent book bans and other forms of censorship in Oregon public schools if the ban or censorship constitutes discrimination based on race, national origin, color, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, religion, physical or mental disability, military status or marital or family status.

The ACLU of Oregon SUPPORTS SB 1583, with the -1 and -4 amendments. Students deserve to feel affirmed and welcome in Oregon public schools — and they should be free to read, learn and share ideas without fear of discriminatory censorship!

Read our ACLU of Oregon testimony submitted on February 13, 2024!

PDF icon SB1538_Testimony_ACLUofOR_2.13.24.pdf

Find more information about Banned Books here: BANNED BOOKS HUB

Additional Policy Priorities

HB 1552 —

Oregon Youth Leadership Council

Oregon Youth Leadership Council

Youth have a right to be a part of the policy making process that directly impacts them. As part of an omnibus bill, the bill would create the Oregon Youth Leadership Council (OYLC). The OYLC will focus on improving educational outcomes in Oregon for students from historically marginalized backgrounds by identifying best practices in reporting racism and hate crimes in schools, and providing student support.

Read our ACLU of Oregon testimony submitted on February 7, 2024!

Oregon Youth Leadership Council

HJR 202 —

Quorum Referral

Quorum Referral

Our state‘s critical democratic processes must be protected from obstructionism. This legislative ballot referral would allow voters to change the OR Constitution so that legislative sessions can proceed with a simple majority of lawmakers, changing Oregon from being an outlier and instead similar to most other states.

Quorum Referral

SB 1532 —

Establishing Immigrant and Refugee Student Success Plan

LC 264: Establishing Immigrant and Refugee Student Success Plan

All students should have access to equitable learning opportunities. The bill will direct the Oregon Department of Education to create a plan to support the educational success of immigrant & refugee students. It is a commitment to improving access and opportunities for historically underserved students.

Establishing Immigrant and Refugee Student Success Plan


Economic Justice

Childcare for Oregon Employment Related Day Care

Environmental Justice

Climate Change fund

Healthy Homes Fund

Health Equity

School Based Health Centers

PDF icon HB4070_Testimony_ACLUofOR_2.5.24.pdf



Housing and Rental Assistance

Immigrant Rights

Universal Representation

Reimagining Safety

Restorative Justice Grant Program

Survival Fund

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